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Operational Excellence Transformation

Operational Excellence Transformation in Manufacturing & Laboratory Design

The Vision: Manufacturing & laboratory areas should be specifically designed to support the key Operational Excellence principles of Built-in Quality, Continuous Flow, Standardized Work, 5S, Visual Management, Space Optimization and identifying capacity based on demand.

A thorough understanding of processes and careful adaptation of key Operational Excellence principles will deliver significant benefits in terms of productivity and efficiencies.

Furniture in laboratories must fit with the needs of the activities that will take place in the lab, and not vice-versa. This simple principle may seem obvious but is not always respected.

Poor utilization of analyst resources (usually in the form of volatility and imbalance in individual analyst workloads) is usually the second largest lean opportunity. Leveling, flow and standard work allow the development of ‘productive roles’ for the more routine work elements in a lab. Doing the routine well and in a productive manner allows more time and resources to be spent on less routine but more valuable development activities.

Make significant improvements to inventory, floor space, quality, or energy consumption, quickly freeing up hundreds of thousands to millions in annualized savings. We help you improve agility in the short term while competitively positioning you for long-term achievement.