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Operational Excellence Training & Workshops


Training & Workshops

Explore our different Training/Workshop options that can be tailored from management to service departments to shop floor operations. Not only will you gain a theoretical understanding of Operational Excellence, but you will gain the tactical knowledge necessary to become a trainer/facilitator and OpEx leader.

Operational Excellence Leadership

Coach and empower leaders by learning key techniques to successfully manage and support a Operational Excellence journey on a daily basis and create a culture of everyone working everyday towards continuous improvement.

Lean Production System

A mixture of theory, case studies, and hands on learning activities will give your organization a deep understanding of the true philosophy of Lean and its benefit to your business from implementation to sustainment.

Lean Tools & Methodologies

Get equipped with core Lean tools & methodologies that focus on addressing day to day problems to create reliable systems that can be shared and replicated throughout the facility.

Value Stream Mapping

More than a process map, a VSM is a visualization tool that gives you an understanding of the flow of material and information for your products or service processes. VSM’s are essential for identifying ROI opportunities and continuous improvement activities.